Superintendent: Bainbridge-Guilford Central School District (August 2011-Present)


Instructional Leadership and Professional Collaboration


  • Served as the lead Superintendent in a regional school consortium for developing and training teacher-leaders to implement high level, localized Superintedne professional development aligned to the Common Core.

  • Worked with DCMO BOCES to train regional teacher-leaders to design, develop, and implement research-based assessment measures for systematic literacy instruction and systematic math instruction K-12. 

  • Provided direct training and guidance for twelve school districts on the design, development and implementation of literacy based Social Studies and Science tests and common core aligned literacy based instruction.

  • Provided direct training and guidance for regional teachers in grades 4-12 in common core aligned reading and writing instruction and assessment.

  • Collaborated with the DCMO BOCES Director of Instructional Services to provide principal evaluation training for regional superintendents and building principals.

  • Developed a systematic, cognitive based literacy program at the primary, intermediate and secondary levels that has significantly increased the percentage of students reading at or above grade level. 

  • Worked with the District Professional Development Team to design and implement a five- year APPR professional development plan, which includes yearly professional development targets for each grade level and department.

  • Reorganized the Bainbridge-Guilford District Shared Decision Making Team membership to include representatives from each grade level and department to facilitate collective ownership and empowerment across the District.


Organizational Leadership

  • Led the development of partnerships with local colleges to allow Bainbridge-Guilford students to graduate with an Associate’s Degree while in high school at no cost to the student.

  • Facilitated an agreement with our local BOCES and the Amphenol Corporation to create and implement a career ready machinist training and internship program housed on the Bainbridge-Guilford Campus.

  • Collaborated with the Board of Education, the District Shared Decision Making Team and teacher-leaders to create and implement an elementary computer/STEM program.

  • Designed and implemented a student support program to provide integrated support services for students who are at-risk for academic, socio-emotional, or behavioral challenges.

  • Worked with high school physical education and health staff to redesign the District’s fitness facilities in order to address the life fitness goals and needs of faculty, staff, and students.

  • Worked with the Bainbridge Chamber of Commerce, the Bainbridge Rotary and other community organizations to promote school District initiatives and school-community relationships.


Fiscal Leadership and Personnel Management

  • Developed a collaborative team of stakeholders to create a 3-year plan to eliminate a multi-million dollar structural deficit while maintaining District reserves and healthy fund balance.

  • Served as the lead negotiator in multi-year contract settlements with all District bargaining units.

  • Collaborated with the Board of Education and nine bargaining units to change the District health insurance plan resulting in significant savings.

  • Introduced long range strategic planning frameworks to facilitate work with the Board of Education and administrative team to reduce excessive reliance on un-appropriated fund balance.

  • Maximized the use of Federal Grants to eliminate carry-over and the use of these funds as discretionary resources.

  • Organized and led the 15 member District Budget Advisory Committee consisting of BOE members, teachers, administrators, students and community members.

  • Conducted public forums within the District and with state legislators outlining budget development and long term planning goals; presented budget overviews to several community groups on a consistent and regular basis.

  • Worked with a collaborative team of stakeholders to implement procedural changes resulting in an improved Standard and Poor’s credit rating of A+.


Operational Leadership

  • Re-organized school cafeteria services to enhance profitability, compliance and student participation in the free and reduced program.

  • Teamed with Director of Transportation to develop a five-year fleet replacement schedule with a focus on propane-powered buses; Introduced TransFinder®, a bus routing system to improve routing efficiency.

  • Worked with the Director of Facilities to implement maintenance and supply tracking software program to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our facilities and operations.

  • Collaborated with DCMO BOCES to develop and enhance shared services in special education management, instructional technology, and Informational technology.

  • Worked with the District’s NYS Assemblyman and State Senator to review Needs/Resource Capacity and free and reduced classification resulting in increased state aid.

  • Teamed with the District clerk to re-design the District web page, enhancing communication capacity with our community  


Assistant Superintendent: Hudson Falls Central School District (July 2009-August 2011)


Supervision and Evaluation

  • Provided leadership and supervision for five building principals, ten department chairs and one hundred and eighty teachers across five buildings.

  • Provided leadership and direction for all District universal pre-k, special education, and related services programs.

  • Monitored and advised building principals on curriculum, assessment, staffing and teacher evaluations.

  • Supported building operations by evaluating and counseling at-risk staff through the development of teacher improvement plans, facilitating the development of the 2011-2012 master schedule and leading other initiatives and tasks as assigned by the District Superintendent.

  • Utilized a teacher-leader professional development framework to establish in-house expertise in all program areas.   


Program Management

  • Responsible for and monitored the work of building administrators and teacher leaders regarding the design, development, implementation and evaluation of all academic and athletic programs.

  • Facilitated the District Shared Decision Making Team, establishing a data-driven vision for District programs.

  • Developed and presented direct professional development for building administrators and classroom teachers on research based assessment and instructional frameworks through small group workshops and training sessions.


Program Development and Special Education

  • Reorganized the UPK-12 special education/related services program to enhance the delivery of services while reducing program costs. 

  • Developed, supervised and evaluated the District’s special education Quality Improvement Plan (QIP).

  • Provided leadership, training and support to District faculty and staff in the design, development and implementation of a locally developed literacy program UPK-8. 

  • Designed, developed and implemented a differentiated cognitive growth measurement program in grades UPK-8.

  • Developed a credit recovery/alternative learning environment for High School students at-risk for not graduating. 


Budgeting and Fiscal Management 

  • Worked with District Superintendent and Director of Business Services to develop the school budget. 

  • Responsible for the development, implementation and evaluation of local, state and federal grants; supervised the purchasing, implementation and evaluation of academic services and resources. 

  • Worked with Director of Business services to negotiate contracts for Teaching Assistants and Teacher Aides.



Curriculum Coordinator: General Brown Central School District (August 2007-June 2009)


District Program Development

  • Collaborated with building administrators and teacher-leaders to provide training and professional development for all instructional staff related to any curriculum revisions.

  • Planned and put into action a differentiated growth model for intermediate and middle level English language arts to monitor academic program effectiveness. 

  • Lead the development of District grants, NYS education reports and plans, and mediated contract negotiations with external program providers.

  • Served as a liaison to local BOCES, NYSED, and other representative stakeholder groups.

  • Collaborated with Director of Special Education to develop, supervise and evaluate the District’s special education Quality Improvement Plan (QIP).


Supervision and Evaluation

  • Provided leadership and supervision for one hundred and thirty-five teachers across two elementary buildings and one junior senior high school for all curriculum development and alignment activities.

  • Monitored and advised three building principals on curriculum, assessment, staffing and teacher evaluations.

  • Supported building operations by administering student discipline, evaluating and counseling at-risk staff, facilitating the development of the 2008-2009 master schedule and leading other initiatives and tasks as assigned by the District Superintendent.

  • Served on the District Leadership Team working with the District Superintendent on programming, budgeting and staffing needs across the District.


District Professional Development

  • Oversaw the introduction and rollout of Professional Learning Communities throughout the District.

  • Designed, developed and implemented targeted professional development workshops and seminars for teacher teams, building principals and central office administrators. 

  • Provided individual and small group instruction for teachers on how to implement, evaluate and replicate cognitive based instructional plans.